A little bit of order… but without censorship


Given the magnitude and importance that the comments in this Blog have taken, it is time to regulate their publication so that they do not result in insults, verbal violence and personal attacks. In the interest of productive dialogue and frank and respectful debate it is necessary to augment the moderation of Generation Y.

The well-known problems we Cuban citizens have in accessing the web prevents me from acting as “referee-moderator” between debaters, so I’ve managed to organize a group of collaborators who – without any fee, without participating themselves in discussions and without interfering in the subject matter – will apply the following rules:

  • Comments will be deleted if they contain insults to anyone, or incite or support violence.
  • Comments that contain more than two links will not be posted until the recommended websites have been verified. That way, we will avoid the flood of spam that we have suffered in recent weeks.
  • The filters of WordPress will automatically clean up all those comments that contain obscene words and also remove texts that are repeated.
  • If you want to add a document that supports your argument, it is better to link to the website where people can read the text, along with a short description of the relevance of the link. All links will be verified and those that do not meet the criterion of relevance will be erased. Replacing lengthy documents with links will help to reduce the amount of text in the comments section, at the same time we are looking for ways to shorten comments.
  • Commentators who use the identity of others will be excluded.
  • Comments must be posted in the Latin alphabet.
  • Emphatically, please do not write comments in all capital letters – it looks like you are screaming.

Those who regularly participate in this public square of dialogue feel that the new rules will help raise the level of debate. The boycotters and the boys of the Cybernetics Response Brigade may not feel very comfortable… but in the end, it is impossible to please everyone.


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