Permission to Travel Application/Translation


The following are the questions in the emigration form all Cubans need to fill in order to get a permit to travel out of Cuba. (Form 1)

Ministry of Domestic Affairs APPLICATION (Form M-01)
Department of Immigration and Emigration
Application date____________ Passport No._____________ Expedient No.____________(1)

Following that is a big box where a passport photo must be placed. Following that is a space where questions must be answered using checking marks boxes. Questions:

– Do you plan stay outside the country temporally, permanently or indefinitely? (2)
– What kind of passport you need, Normal, Official, Seaman?(3)
– Do you need the passport to leave the country permanently or temporarily?(4)
– Do you need a prorogation of your passport? If yes write down your passport No. and date of issue.

Following that is a big box where the “candidate” must sign.

Then follows a tabled section under the title: “CANDIDATE’S” GENERAL INFORMATION
Inside the table the following questions:

– First name, Middle name, Last name, Second Last name(5)
– “Candidate’s” father’s name and mother’s name(Complete name)(6)
– “Candidate’s” high and special body marks
– “Candidate’s” place of birth (Country, State, Province, County)
– Candidate’s citizenship
– Candidate’s ID No. and ID card No.
– Scholarship, check boxes for Elementary School, High School, Collage, Technical Institute, University.(7)
– Candidate’s job, skills and profession(7)
– Candidate’s revolutionary membership, check boxes for membership in PCC (Cuban Communist Party), UJC (Union of Communist Youth) and ACRC (Association of Cuban Revolutionary Fighters)(8)
– Check boxes for Candidate’s gender, eye color, hair color, race and civil status
– Candidate’s detailed address including time living in the address (9), telephone no.
– Detailed information about Candidate’s current workplace including address, telephone and occupation.(10)
– Cause of the travel, country of destination and desired length of the permit(11)
– Relation of relatives living in the same address and their revolutionary membership plus complete information on their work and workplace. (12)
– If Candidate has traveled out the country before must give a complete report of those travels stating the destination country, the reason for the travel and the date of the travel
– Candidate must indicate if has been member of the army or any army’s dependence or has been member of the Domestic Affairs Ministry or any of its dependence such as police, political police, firefighter, etc. If the answer is yes Candidate must indicate place of service and length (13)

3 thoughts on “Permission to Travel Application/Translation”

  1. I am not discussing freedom of Cuba or lack of freedom , I would like to say that this questionare looks as usual questionare in most of the countries of the world.

  2. #2, you’re badly misinformed. The above document is not a passport application. It’s an application for permission to leave the country. Cuba is only one of a small handful of countries (all of them dictatorships) in which it is illegal to leave the country without the permission of the government.

    I recently renewed my Canadian passport. I can assure you the application form only seeks to establish my identity (to make sure I am who I say I am). It does not ask about political or organizational affiliations, nor does it ask where I have travelled, where I plan to travel or for what reason. None of that is the business of any government.

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