Accept or lose

To recognize legally what has, in fact, already prospered in the shadows, is the same as to permit or approve.  The push of the inevitable is marking the latest measures of the Cuban government, but they haven’t managed to appease our voracity for openness.  It is not every week that they fling us a bone of what we had already been tasting illegally, nor that we are offered a true dose of civic freedom. But beyond their allowing us to engage in these “pranks” which we have been doing without permission, we are asking that they surrender to us that which is ours, everything they have denied us for decades.

The mechanism was already well oiled to capture the tourists and to convince them to buy a cell phone contract to be left in our hands, and the cobbled together PCs, made with parts from the black market, became a part of our domestic décor.   So, these new permissions are the fruits of our own agony of pushing, they are not a gift from anyone.  We look forward, then, to a real landslide of changes, something more than a gesture of tacit acceptance that they cannot evade our audacity.

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