“The first holiday in two years,” I told myself—almost ten days ago—when I announced the repairs on this blog.  However, the last thing I’ve done is rest.  Generation Y has generated successive headaches among many technicians who have wanted to help me remodel it.  After several attempts, we have not been able—yet—to implement the discussion forum that is so needed.  In any event, the time dedicated to the redesign has served to confirm how necessary this space is for me.  Without the personal exorcism of writing my posts, reality would overwhelm me in a crushing and paralyzing way.  Nothing looks the same if I can’t tell you about it in these brief virtual texts.

I still need to overcome some technical challenges and certain disasters in the design, but I will continue to publish even if the blog looks like Havana after the Special Period.*  So, watch out for the holes, the leaking sewers, the buildings about to fall down and the power lines looming from the corners.  Generation Y will take less time to recover than this dilapidated town, I promise you.

Translator’s Note: 

Special Period = The 1990s in Cuba, a very difficult time after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of its support.

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