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What started as an personal impulse is becoming a meeting place for discussion and debate. Generación Y has managed to involve a great number of people all over the world who help me with updating, translations, and the diffusion of texts. The principal collaboration has been in publishing the posts since, as of the last week in March, I have not been able to access the site in either public internet cafés or hotels. So I send the texts by email, some friends publish them and send me, also by email, the comments left by the readers. I am a blind blogger, a cybernaut with a leaking raft that manages to keep afloat with the help of a spontaneous citizens network.

All of the portal continues to be blocked on the local public servers. I have made a copy of the message that the browsers show when I attempt access and I leave you an example here. I also know that it is not a total blackout. Friends who have internet access at their workplaces are able to visit the site, but that’s not much help to me since in those places, it is I who cannot enter.

In spite of this, I have the same desire to write in this blog that I had in the beginning. I am now even more persistent, since what they prevent me from doing becomes more attractive to me. In order to overcome the connectivity problems and reach readers on the island, other friends have created a minidisk with the contents of the blog and they are distributing it free. I want to thank everyone for the support, the oars and the wind that allow me to stay on course.

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