Oxygen for the blogosphere

I would like to announce to the start of two new Blogs written from Cuba that are on this same portal.  Both are under pen names although in one of them the author will dispense with the mask shortly.

Sin EVAsión” [Without Evasion] announces itself as “a blog with a temporary mask but with permanent determination,” and is written by “Eva, a Havanan of the Island, belonging to a generation that has lived torn between disillusionment and hope, coming of age in the controversial year of 1980.  Eva has published collaborations in the space Encuentro en la Red [Encounter on the Web], for which she created her pseudonym.  In the coming year she will publically assume her true identity.  Come.  We will have surprises.

The other Blog that comes to oxygenate the undernourished Cuban blogosphere is “Retazos” [Fragments] or “the nonsense of a forty-year-old blossoming” under the pseudonym “El Guajiro Azul”  [The Blue Peasant] who defines himself as someone “living – while having no other option – in Cuba, with dreams of not having to work in the cane, clean the building’s garden, or go crawl in the mud on Sunday for the defense.  What dreams!”

Health and long life to the new blogs made in Cuba… may they contribute to the Cyber-Response Brigades raising their hits… as “Generation Y” has done.

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