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I know that many have been worried about what happened to Generation Y, and so I must express my thanks to them and offer a more detailed explanation.

Last Thursday a friend alerted me that one could not enter some blogs and sites coming from the Island. Until Sunday, it was impossible to connect with Web classifieds, where Cubans post their ads for buying and selling, on, or with the entire platform  Access was also “filtered” to the blog Revolico and of course to that of the Wild Pony boys

It may seem incredible that with such limited access to the Internet Cubans noticed the blocking of these pages so quickly, but we did. After several comments from nervous readers, I went to a public cybercafe and checked – for myself – the censorship.

On Monday it appears that a gap opened in the filter, or else the person in charge of maintaining it fell asleep, since during the afternoon it was possible to browse ‘dangerous’ pages.  Apparently, on Tuesday the sites again displayed signs saying they were inaccessible, but some people with more powerful connections said they were able to enter although they had to wait more than twenty minutes.  With these little games sowing confusion we have remained until today.

From what I see, they have implemented a filter that delays the entry to the site, which prevents Cuban internet users from accessing them. In some places with more bandwidth it is possible to open the homepage, but not to access the entries, much less to manage one’s own site.  So, with a simple trick, they have canceled a large part of the participation from Cuba.

I want to tell those who are even now monitoring the Blog and filtering it, these Captain Weislers who watch us, that we would be very grateful if they would stay asleep and let us board the virtual raft.  Not that we will play a symphony for them, but who knows if we might strike some chords.

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