The “Y” Fashion

Accustomed to manufacturing for ourselves everything that has disappeared from the market, or that we cannot afford, or that simply isn’t sold, many of us in Generation Y have designed our own clothes. I remember, back in the eighties, taking in the seams of my trousers to make the legs tight and then, years later, adding pieces of cloth to make the legs like an elephant’s. To this day, a good part of my attire has endured my clumsy sewing skills.

Along with the improvised professions of mechanics and electricians, many Cubans are also to some extent fashion designers.  Particularly those of us who became adolescents at the time when the ration stores stopped distributing industrial goods and the foreign exchange stores emerged.  The latter displayed in their shop windows loads of models we learned to “copy.”  Nobody will bother me, then, if I make my own T-shirts, motivated by the penultimate letter of the alphabet.  Particularly because, in the midst of so many calls to replace imported goods, this will save me from paying excessive prices to be fashionable.

I leave you here a quick guide to the resources I used and the sequence for the creation of allegorical rags.


1.  I did not wear myself out looking for materials, I simply used what I had at hand: a used T-shirt, a template made from cardboard, and spray paint of the kind used to retouch the refrigerator or to spray graffiti.

2. The template took me quite some time, but once it was made I could start on “mass production.”   I just have to put it over the T-shirt and fix it with adhesive tape.


3.  Applying the paint appears to be a lot of fun, but it ended with a knee, the wall, and the toe of a shoe colorfully painted.


4.  Finally, I show you the new piece.  If tomorrow I wash it and the paint comes off, it doesn’t matter, I’ll still have the photo.

As the boys already know:  Each should wear the letter he prefers.

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