The second prize

As if that were not enough, yesterday they have given me a new award. The award I have received leads to a film titled on Saturday, “The Captive Blogger,” and involves not letting me travel to Madrid for the award ceremony for the Ortega y Gasset prize.  Those who have not given me what I wanted, have not given their names, but in this blog we call them, “them.”  They are those who, wearing a military uniform, control our rights as citizens and give orders but not explanations. 

I did not think I deserved so much attention but, if the officials insist, I accept this new honor.  They forget that in cyberspace my voice can travel without limits, coming and going without asking permission. It doesn’t matter if they keep my passport.  Since a year ago I have had another nationality in the space on my passport, the short word: “Blogger.”


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