Unusual movement

From the fourteenth floor where I live – which has nothing to do with an ivory tower – I can see Rancho Boyeros Avenue leading to the airport.   A couple of weeks ago there was an unusual movement of new buses.   A blue and red bus has come to change the landscape in front of the pile of concrete that is my house.  At the stops, the pessimists question how long they can count on public transport; meanwhile the private taxis have seen a decrease in clients since the avalanche of buses began.  An improbable piece of paper with the schedule for each route generates laughter among skeptical Havanans.

The prospect has made me put my bike in hibernation.  Faced with the temptation of the new buses in circulation, I have returned to using public transport.  However, I think that my human fuel, necessary for pedaling, seems more stable to me than these “recovery programs.”

Just in case I will keep my handlebars and saddle.

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