What am I doing there?


Along with ninety-nine famous people I have been put in Time Magazine in their list of influential people of 2008.  As for me, I have never appeared on stage, or mounted a podium, even my own neighbors don’t know if “Yoani” is written with an intermediate “H” or a final “S.”  I am even more surprised to appear under the heading, “Heroes and Pioneers,” and would prefer the simple title of “citizen.” 

Of the innumerable ways to reach that famous list, I believe I have traveled – by foot – the most unusual.  One not shored up by economic power, charisma in front of the cameras, political control, or religious ancestry.  I have simply devoted myself to telling my reality from the distorted focus of emotions and questions. I have come to believe that the voice of an individual can push back the walls, contradict the slogans, and fade the myths.  Now, vanity alone overtakes me to imagine that others on the list are asking themselves, “Who is this unknown Cuban blogger who is among us?” 

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