Wild pony makes a run for it

With this mix of comedy and tragedy that we use to deal with everything that happens to us, a group of bloggers and Cuban computer experts have opened a blog on the same platform.  It is something like a hideout for all those internet rustlers in Cuba, for the renegades who escape from the warden nicknamed “censorship.”

This collective and anonymous blog is filled with the testimonials, ideas, tips and tricks of all those who have the impulse to make the internet: “The space for the opinions they don’t give us in the national press, radio and television.”  It is newly born in the days when we celebrate the journey against internet censorship around the world, and in the hope that the next time this date comes around the repression of information will be a thing of the past.

I emphasize the humor, because these young men have chosen to call their blog “Wild Ponies,” but make it clear that, “We must free the pony from the bronco busters of technology”… sounds familiar, no?


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