Generation Y and the other blogs on the Portal have been inaccessible for more than twenty-four hours. The causes of the blackout have not yet been determined, but I want to thank all those who have been concerned about the loss of our connection.

I regret giving you so many headaches, but I am happy to confirm that we can continue fighting off the attacks, the trolls, and even the software problems. A hug and we are going to recoup this lost day.



  1. Dear friends,

    I love Cuba and I love your site , All I can say is that here in France , you have a lot of fans.

    Keep up the good job on informing us on the REAL Cuba and It’s people that we truly love

    and respect.

  2. Hi Yoani. Like many of your fans who marvel daily at your courage and fearlessness, I was understandably concerned when your blog suddenly went silent yesterday. Let’s hope the problem was technical and not political.

    Thanks to your blog, it’s almost like I’ve gotten to know you as a friend. I wish you and your fellow bloggers the best during this holiday season.

  3. I became aware of problems when readers of my blog began to email and comment yesterday about the unavailability of Generacion Y. Indeed, we will hope for a technical solution.

    Best wishes of the season.


  4. As predicted, the authorities will only tolerate so much of this nonsense. The blog has gone silent and soon you will be locked up. Then you can beg for your american friends, that pay you, to help you. You will get no response!

    I warned you but you all laughed and disregarded. Yaoni, please atop before you have deep regrets.


    8 Diciembre 2008 a las 18:12
    Do these people really think that we are fooled. One minute they say people are thrown in jail for not supporting the revolution. However, these bloggers we only summoned and warned, not punished.

    But now they will find out the consequences for not obeying the law. I was in Cuba a few weeks ago and spoke to a few Unionized leaders. It will not be long before this blog goes silent and you will all have to search for a new place to hand out.

    Your blogger convention was a great accomplishment but you should nver brag about undermining the law.

    Have fun in lock down. Maybe I will visit you when I return with my members next month.

  5. I hope that Yoani’s voice will not be silenced. She is a very courageous person. Long live the free Cuban spirits.

    Quiero que la voz de Yoani no va ser silenciado. Ella es una persona muy valiente. Viva el espirito libre de los Cubanos.

  6. Lets be realistic.
    Dictatorships will only let you speak out for so long.Sooner or later they going to cut you off.

  7. A few points I’d like to make…
    First: The trolls and the government can’t stop people abroad from publishing whatever they want to publish… It just doesn’t work that way.
    Second: If this blog ever gets taken down 15 more will spring up. If Yoani is ever silenced she will become a martyr and history has shown us that martyrs for a cause are often more powerful by their absence.
    All that to say either way: what has started cannot be stopped.

  8. TheSocialist, what is it about Yoani’s blog that so threatens you? Does the right to free speech mean so little to you that you would actually want Yoani to be silenced? If you don’t like what is being posted here, you’re perfectly free to go somewhere else. That’s democracy. There are plenty of pro-Castro sites around. Sounds like you’d be much more comfortable there hanging out with your lunatic fringe friends.

  9. Was very upset yesterday when your site was down all the day. Enjoy your blog very much and wish you and your family the best. As soon as Cuba/US get their act togeather and give their citizens free rights to travel, Cuba is one of the first places I would like to visit.

  10. As you know a lot of people take care about your cause. We have received mails yesterday about the situation of the platform. If you want us to publish on the blackout, we are here for that.

  11. I was very concerned when your site went down yesterday, thinking only the worst. I only came to learn of your blog two days prier as word is getting around of its existence. You should be quite proud of what you and all your supporters have accomplished. I have enjoyed your blog very much and would be very disappointed if it were to discontinue as would many. Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays to all.

  12. Ya, I was kinda worried about your site being down. But now it’s back up again! Merry Christmas! And keep up the noble fight. And for all those naysayers, it’s better to blog and get removed then to never blog at all.

    By the way, I’m a fan from the Philippines. Inspiring stuff.

  13. Merry Christmas and a fan and an admirer of Yoani. The world is very interested in you blogs. For sure WE GOT YOUR BACK, so keep doing what you do best., Write and I promise to read and get others to read.
    Its always nice when people speak the truth. God Bless You

  14. Merry Christmas and a fan and an admirer of Yoani. The world is very interested in your blogs. For sure WE GOT YOUR BACK, so keep doing what you do best., Write and I promise to read and get others to read.
    Its always nice when people speak the truth. God Bless You

  15. ola como está eu sou portugues e não conheço cuba mas tenho amigos que foram de férias e gostaram muito as pessoas o convivio as praias a comida por favor diz-me mais coisas de cuba eu gostaria de visitar para férias e tambem em trabalho uma vez que tenho uma empresa de construção muito obrigado com muito carinho para todos os cubanos bom ano de 2009 by

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