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I know of books that have stigmatized their authors and of writers who project a dark shadow over their works.  Cases where the writer is as difficult as his texts seem to raise the question, which is hurt more by the other.  Orlando Luís Pardo Lazo has been the direct cause of the fact that the stories collected under the title Boring Home were not presented at the Havana International Book Fair of 2009.   He and his mania for complicating things, of finding linguistic games in a reality that understands slogans and shouts better.  To make matters worse, he’s dedicated to stealing, with his camera lens, certain imprudent images that contradict the official iconography.  They don’t show the apple, or even Adam, just the snake.

The radioactivity Orlando gives off stopped the presses, scared off the editors and keeps some acquaintances from greeting him in the street.  His name disappeared from the list of writers promoted by the official institutions and was removed from the catalog of this Fair.  However, the nutcase Lawton managed to print his book and now wants to release it. We, his friends—other excluded people—have decided to join him in the alternative launch of his writings on Monday, February 16th at three in the afternoon, outside the fortress of La Cabaña.

Except for the threats, all this could have taken place with a little group sitting on the grass, talking about a published book.  Since yesterday, an email* is circulating on the intranet of the Ministry of Culture, warning us of various reprisals for the alternative release of the stories.  Intimidating calls, accusations of being employees of the Empire—how unoriginal they are!—and even veiled warnings about being beaten up.  All this has raised the profile of the release of Boring Home beyond anything we were looking for, giving the greatest prominence to the presentation of a banned writer.

We will be there, we will see if they let us leave.

*Email text:  Errors in spelling, writing and people’s names are from the original.

I’ve heard a there’s a message circulating, by email, promoting the presentation on this coming Monday, the 16th, outside La Cabaña, of a book by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, and that it will be presented by the infamous and counterrevolutionary blogger, Yoanni Sánchez, who is well compensated by the empire.

A few months ago a photo of Pardo Lazo also circulated, masturbating over a Cuban flag, an act that outrages all the sons of this country and of other latitudes because this is an insult to a symbol of the country. His literary work is little known, however this fact was disclosed as part of the propaganda against Cuba.

Pardo Lazo has become a puppet at the service of Yoanni and her clique.

I don’t think they would carry out this stupid activity, to do so will give them a fright like that I’ve read in the “summons,” and I’ve also had news of some disagreeable surprises they are going to find there.


  1. When I read this email on Octavo Cerco this morning, I couldn’t help but smile a little at the stupidity of the State and its agents. Do they really think that threats and accusations will stop this meeting from taking place? Yoani is right, this has raised the profile of this book launch and will make it even more publicized and popular. I know I’m going to find a copy and buy it.

    With all of us now knowing the threats that OLPL faces along with anyone attending the launch, does the government really think that the bloggers will remain silent if anything were to go down? And do they (the government) really think they will be able to excuse their actions with some bogus excuse? These bloggers will make them accountable and we will talk about it our own blogs and hold them accountable as well. Cuba is no longer their fortress, there are cracks in the walls and information leaks out fast, they can’t scare the people into submission any longer.

    Kudos to you OLPL on the new book!
    And kudos to the bloggers for publishing this email.


    25 years after Pol Pot dead started a series of judicial process on persons suspected of crimes and abuses under the bloody dictatorship leaded by Pol Pot who tried to institute a regime of farmers and workers in Cambodia.
    Most process are grounded on testimonies of direct victims or victim’s relatives supplied by an organization named “Center of Historical Documentation”.
    The Red-Khmer leaded by Pol Pot killed more that 2 millions cambodians under this dictatorship.

    Some comments????!!!!

  3. In the past five hundred years there’s been countless examples where members of criminal regimes have been unable to escape justice for acts committed against the people. Examples include the French Revolution, the Nuremberg trials, people in Italy heaping their wrath on Mussolini and his cohorts, trials for STASSI criminals in former East Germany, etc. The list goes on and on, in each case with no exceptions, the criminals were eventually persecuted and justice meted out.

    In the case of Cuba, being and island, criminals will not be able to escape unnoticed and hide out, such as the Nazi criminals did after World War II. The thugs of the state should look around, as the person sitting next to you, working with, or watching you from a distance, could be a future witness to your criminal acts against those who today are defenseless against the lies and wrath of the tyranny.

    If unsure of what constitutes a violation of another person’s human rights, refer to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights at

  4. I follow a US blogger, who shocks our Right Wing crazies… They decry her in their blogs… and she posts those
    along the side of hers as ‘badges of honor’…I do not know if Yoani does, but she should!

    ” the infamous and counterrevolutionary blogger, Yoanni Sánchez”

    Classic spite. Congratulations Yoani…many happy returns!

  5. Cheers to you Yoanni and those that assist you in your efforts to expose (not that it has not been obvious for 50 years!!) the incessant need of the cuban government to stand in the way of information exchange.

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