First round

I swear I haven’t run a green light, nor have I bought cheese on the black market for more than two months, and I have not walked out of any store without paying.  I don’t recall having violated the laws–too much–these last days, not even by passing myself off as a foreigner to use the Internet in some hotel.

I have, however, a citation, along with Reinaldo, for tomorrow at the police station at 21st and C in Vedado.  I wonder if I should bring a toothbrush or if I will get only a brief box on the ears.

Below is the official document I received from a sweaty official who ascended the fourteen flights of stairs, since I haven’t had an elevator for a month.

At nine in the morning I’ll know what it’s about; wait for my news after two.


  1. El “blogasphere” en los Estados Unidos es reportando su lucha con el gobierno Cubano. Un gobierno communista no aguanta la verdad–que la gente vivan en pobreza y sin officials quines ayudan la gente del pais. No puedan permitar que la verdad sale a la luz de dia–que no valen nada. Siga peleando por los derechos de los Cubanos.

    The U.S.A. blogasphere is reporting your struggle with the Cuban Government. A communist government can’t stand the truth–that the people live in poverty and without officials who help the people of the country. They can’t permit the truth to see the light of day–that they are worthless. Keep fighting for the rights of the Cuban People.

  2. Yoani, I have read about you in the New York times. I send you love from san francisco. I send you strength to carry on.Change is on the way. I feel it. With each day that passes your beautiful country gets closer to better days. brazos, Julia

  3. This is incredible. I just discovered this blog after reading about your citation in the Huffington Post. I wish you the best and hope everything turns out alright! I have subscribed to this blog and will be keeping track of the situation from here on out.

    Being from America, the suppression of the freedom of speech is an outrageous concept. It is what leads to an ignorant populace and the tyranny of the majority (which is clearly the situation in Cuba).

    Again, I wish you luck and the best.


  4. Hey U, I loved your description of being a lady cockadoodle-do, if that’s what it takes to register your freedom from the strictures of a bunch of octagenarians.
    Tibi salutamus.
    PS when we sing Mass this Sunday, I will think of you standing in the doorway looking at the garlanded tree within.
    Perhaps your strength will encourage your citators to abandon their cowardice.

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