Identified and exhibitionists

Contrary to secrecy and false identity, some of us alternative bloggers have put our identify cards next to the texts we write.  In the midst of so much self imposed disguise, showing my ID reminds me of the exhibitionist who opens his coat even though everyone knows what’s inside.

My fingerprint, my two last names and even the names of my parents appear on the little blue card that proves my existence.  To save the police wearing themselves out saying to me, “Identify yourself, citizen,” I show in advance the particulars of my life.  Claudia has also done this on her eclectic blog Octavo Cerco, and so has Lia, in her harangues on Habanemia, as well as some others who reveal their identities to scare away the fear.

Who knows if we manage to infect the trolls who, shielded by anonymity, try to crash our sites with their insults.  It’s unlikely, however, that the fever of self identification reaches those whose trade does not show its face.  By opening my coat I want to show these “anonymous guys” that I am more than 75090424120, a document laminated in plastic and an ink-stained thumb copied on paper.


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