It’s a nail biter

Finally the excitement around the BOBs awards comes to an end. We know that Generation Y came in first in the public vote in the Reporters Without Borders category, but we still have to wait for what the jury says. Whatever happens we are going to celebrate it, because we don’t need much of a reason to open a bottle of rum and sprinkle a little over the area for commenting on this blog.  It will be a good time to call a truce between the trolls and the frequent readers, between the Cyber Response Brigades and those who actually come to join in the discussion.

Pull up your chairs in front of the screen, from where we will broadcast the ceremony right here. Grab a handful of peanuts and some caramel corn, and don’t miss even a second when they announce the awards. Those of you who’ve already bitten your nails to the quick, try not to chew on your fingers; we’re going to need them for a lot of typing in the days to come.

Before the merriment begins, I want to congratulate all those who win, people—like myself—who have used their blogs to narrate their lives and pose questions. Without the support of the global blogosphere and without the protection belonging to it has afforded me, I’d have had to hang out a “Blog Closed” sign some time ago. With what has already happened in the BOBs voting, there is no one who can stop this penultimate letter of the alphabet.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


  1. I had every man and his dog voting for you, even those who didn’t have a clue what the hell I was going on about, I am a recent (frequent) reader of your blog, I love the frank and openess you have and I hope to continue reading for many a moon to come! Congrats to you and well done for all your hard work. Pixy (England, somewhere up north!) x

  2. Yoani Sanchez and the Generation Y blog do an excellent job reporting on life in modern day Cuba. I hope the day will come that Americans will see a much better life for the Cubans–and that we will be able to visit Cuba some day.

    Yoani Sanchez y el blog Generacion Y estan haciendo un trabajo excellente reportando la vida en Cuba moderno. Espero que vendra el dia que los Americanos van a ver una vida mejor por los Cubanos–Y que estera posible visitar Cuba un dia.

  3. I know you can’t read this, either way… I was watching live on the Bobs and commenting in their chatroom.
    The legions of your readers was just unbelievable!!! You ARE changing the world and this prize just proves it!
    I raise my glass to you! Congratulations again!

  4. Felicitaciones de un viejo desterrado que lleba el dolor de Cuba al hombro desde Isla de Pinos
    Yo veo en ti la continuacion del esfuerzo inutil de los 60
    No desmalles que tus ideas son muy espranzadoras

  5. just heard your interview on NPR, and would like to let you know that some of us (maybe many more of us than you will ever allow yourself to admit) here in the US hope you never come here to join up with the exploiters whose ideology you so revere. probably your complaint that people in cuba often don’t want to be seen with you is explained by their dislike of you. you are a liar. you are a gusano. some of us have been to cuba and know the truth.

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