Of reprimands and “stapled” pages


I confess that I have been given to misbehaving. I rebel against orders, I look for lemons that I cannot find anywhere, I demand apologies that never come and, this great silliness of mine, I write my opinions on a Blog – with my name and picture included. As you can see, in these thirty-two years — such impertinence — I’m due for my comeuppance.

So the anonymous censors of our famished cyberspace have wanted to put me in my room, turn off the light, and not allow my friends to visit. This, translated to  the language of the web, means blocking my site, filtering my page and, finally, “puncturing” my Blog so my countrymen can’t read it. For a couple of days now “Generation Y” is just an error message on the screen of many Cuban computers. Another site blocked for the “monitored” internet surfers of the island.

My texts, and those of other bloggers and digital journalists, have made the “staplers” of the inquisitors perform their ridiculous role.

With the haughty airs of rebellious adolescents, we have earned a slap, a harsh stare and a scolding.  The reprimand, however, is so futile it’s pitiful and so easy to get around that it becomes an incentive.

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