Myopia and astigmatism

I put on the glasses of optimism and glance out over the collapsing city where I live.  With these shimmering crystals of hope, my heart beats more peacefully, without turning somersaults.  Thanks to them, I understand that I’m not climbing fourteen floors thanks to an inefficient state—incapable of installing an elevator after five months—but rather… Continue reading Myopia and astigmatism

Third time is not a charm

This time they’ve been more direct: “You are not authorized to travel,” the woman told me quietly, almost nicely, dressed in her olive-green.  My attempt to get permission to leave ended without much delay and with the same negative response.  I demanded an explanation from the officer, but she was only a wall of contention… Continue reading Third time is not a charm

The shredder

When you read this post I will be sitting in the waiting room of the Plaza Municipality Office of Immigration and Emigration.  Among military uniforms, my passport waiting for a permit to travel that has been denied me on two occasions.  During the last year, the obedient soldiers dedicated to limiting our freedom of movement… Continue reading The shredder

Of equinoxes and grandchildren

They took Adolfo one morning six years ago, after raiding his home as if it were that of a dangerous terrorist.  There were neither weapons, nor chemical substances in his poor home in Central Havana, but his papers bore witness to many opinions, written without permission.  They indicted him with the same urgency that—in those… Continue reading Of equinoxes and grandchildren

Hobbit Hole

I left high school in the countryside feeling that nothing belonged to me, not even my body.  Living in shelters creates the sensation that your whole life, your privacy, your personal possessions and even your nakedness has become public property.  “Sharing” is the obligatory word and it comes to seem normal not to be able—ever—to… Continue reading Hobbit Hole


“The first holiday in two years,” I told myself—almost ten days ago—when I announced the repairs on this blog.  However, the last thing I’ve done is rest.  Generation Y has generated successive headaches among many technicians who have wanted to help me remodel it.  After several attempts, we have not been able—yet—to implement the discussion… Continue reading Back

Translator’s Note: Repairs Continue

Please excuse the construction zone.  The last parts of the blog upgrade are now underway and some icons, photos, graphics and so on are missing and the blog looks a little “messy.”  It should be back, better than ever, very soon!

Notice of repairs

Just this once I am going to adopt the vocabulary of the dais and the worker meetings, to say to you that, “marking the second anniversary of Generation Y” I will try to implement some important improvements in the blog.  The start of this work resulted in a technical accident.  As I can’t promise that… Continue reading Notice of repairs

Fidgeting on Mount Olympus

Yesterday, with my lunch half eaten, a friend called to ask if I had seen the 1:00 pm news.  No, I never chew while watching this type of program, it’s fatal to the digestion.  Mixing red beans with the announcement of the changes in the Council of State and Ministers, would have resulted in a… Continue reading Fidgeting on Mount Olympus

Ready for Everest

We’ve already been four months without an elevator.  Fourteen stories down, fourteen stories up, and there’s no clear date for when the contraption will be ready.  The installation goes at a Cuban pace, which seems like that of one of those Galapagos tortoises that needs hours and hours to advance a few meters.  Something always… Continue reading Ready for Everest