For almost a day the Comment Zone in the Spanish (i.e. the original) version of Generation Y has not been working.  This public square has accumulated such a huge number of opinions from its readers—more than three hundred thousand—that the database finally collapsed.  We should be happy for all the debate that occurs in these pages and not worry about what was only a temporary break.

Thanks for being patient and remember that in my condition of “blind blogger” I can’t solve the technical difficulties as quickly as I would like.  Also, I repeat, that my opinions are published only in this blog and in sites that have gained the credibility of their readers.  I am not responsible for chain emails, alleged texts that circulate on the web, or other types of messages that don’t appear under the banner of the red drawer.  The apocryphal under my name are only this:  falsehoods.

As the cracks of the shaky technology heal themselves, other bloggers offered their space in solidarity to continue the debate.  One commentator in particular, named Tseo, offered his blog to prolong the discussion at the URL

This virtual raft has taken on a little water, but nothing that points to a shipwreck.


  1. Hi Yoani, your problem with comments not working pales in comparison with those being experienced by Circles Robinson on his website. Most times I try to post a comment, I get a message saying ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’, and then a few hours later the comment vanishes. Even worse, the email address I provided gets blocked so I can’t re-send.

    For what it’s worth, what follows is the most recent comment that disappeared in its entirety. I was responding to a post from one of their diarists.

    You ask some interesting questions. I would encourage you to broaden your view of what socialism is. There are many types of socialism that don’t involve “a trusteeship of the vanguard” as you call it, which when you think about it, is antithetical to true socialism and leads to dictatorship.

    I’ve posted below a few of the principles of Socialist International which speak to many of the questions you raise about individualism and socialism.

    “19. Forms of democracy of course may vary. However, it is only possible to speak of democracy if people have a free choice between various political alternatives in the framework of free elections; if there is a possibility for a change of government by peaceful means based on the free will of the people; if individual and minority rights are guaranteed; and, if there is an independent judicial system based on the rule of law impartially applied to all citizens. Political democracy is an indispensable element of a socialist society. Democratic socialism is a continuing process of social and economic democratisation and of increasing social justice.

    20. Individual rights are fundamental to the values of socialism. Democracy and human rights are also the substance of popular power, and the indispensable mechanism whereby people can control the economic structures which have so long dominated them. Without democracy, social policies cannot disguise the dictatorial character of a government.

    21. There can be no doubt that different cultures will develop their own institutional forms of democracy. But whatever form democracy assumes – nationally or internationally – it must provide full rights for individuals and for organised minority opinions. For socialists, democracy is of its very nature pluralist, and this pluralism provides the best guarantee of its vitality and creativity.

    22. Freedom from arbitrary and dictatorial government is essential. It constitutes the precondition whereby peoples and societies can create a new and better world of peace and international cooperation – a world in which political, economic and social destinies will be democratically determined.”

  2. John Two dice,

    You pretend not to know that Yoani works under difficult conditions so complaining about her comments not working is a lame attempt to try to discredit her work.

    Since you mention that you are a regular reader of and the fact that you just happen to have some “principles of Socialist International” that you are a good communist most likely working for or in conjunction with the Cuban government, just like the

    For the truth about, see our facts about Circles Robinson at our site HavanaTimes.COM.

  3. Hi Rob,

    I would encourage you to re-read my post above, which I admit could have been written more clearly. It was an obviously unsuccessful attempt at ‘tongue in cheek’ humor. I was trying to make the point that Circles Robinson routinely censors comments posted to even though he calls it “moderation.”

    And while I think that Robinson himself is a shameless apologist for the Castro regime, some of the Diarists are not. One of those is Erasmo Calzadilla, whose post on ‘Individualism and Socialism’ I was attempting to respond to before Robinson censored the comment.

    And judging by your second paragraph, you seem to know nothing about Socialist International, which is a worldwide organization of social democratic and labour political parties strongly committed to political pluralism, social justice and human rights, and opposed to communism. It says a lot about Circles Robinson that he considers the statement of principles of Socialist International a subversive document worthy of censorship.

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