The Three Wise Men on foot


Last year Cuban newspapers strongly criticized the rebirth of the “consumerist” tradition of the Three Wise Men.   They describe the crowds that, for days, filled  the toy stores with convertible pesos and they attacked the social differences that this practice generates.  This January the authorities have found the solution to avoiding “excessive spending” and the display of consumerism: do not offer for sale any new or interesting toys.  Nonetheless, parents haven’t stopped buying, and they have even snapped up the little water pistols and the swords made in China.

For me, born in the seventies, the Three Wise Men came in a different way.   They came in July and they were not named Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, rather for us were they were the three different categories of toys to buy on the rationed market: basic, non basic and additional.  My mother use to take us to the line in the early morning of the day before.   The wait was a long process of frustration, watching them run out of the nicest dolls, until, after finally making it to the counter, we had to settle for a carpenter set or a broom and a plastic duster. However, in my family we continued calling it “The Day of the Three Wise Men” and evoking it weeks later, I recalled the cart, remembered the camels and guessed the crowns.

Traditions have a way of hiding themselves when they are banned.  They become a myth that parents transmit to their children in soft voices. Nothing is as absurd as wanting to eradicate that which forms part of the fantasy collection of a society.  That’s why today, twenty years after the last toy that was assigned to me by the ration book, I have given myself a chocolate. It still comes with the smell of the desert, a crib and a baby.


  1. Acabo de encontrar este blog. Voy a leerlo de Nueva Orleans, Louisiana, y el area de Los Angeles, California. Que tengas mucha suerte y quedate segura. Y perdoname pare el Espanol que escribo porque soy Americano guero con Ingles como mi idioma primera, pero tal vez me parece que hables Ingles tambien, no?

  2. Es una pena que no pueda publicar mis comentarios es inglés, pues no domino mucho esa lengua, pero mi dirección es esta, y si quieren debatir me escriben y yo les respondo. En este mismo lugar, pero en el español, no me dejan publicar mis comentarios. Les respondí a todos, pero es una pena que ustedes, que tanto hablan de libertad, no dejem que un médico, desde Cuba participe.

    No importa, les dejo mi dirección:

    Siempre, pero siempre siempre,

    Viva Cuba

    Viva Fidel, sin alteraciones

  3. Patricio, sería bueno que les preguntaras a los administradores del blog cómo es posible que no puedo publicar en el español, tendré que hablar en inglés ahora para poder decirle al mundo las verdades de Cuba.

    Si puedes entra en este mismo lugar, pero en el español, y preguntas cómo es que bloquean las direcciones de Yohandry, un médico de Cuba, que se toma en serio esto de Intenet.

    Siempre, pero siempre siempre,

    Viva Cuba

    Viva Fidel, sin alteraciones

  4. If you want to see 10,000 answer to this member of the Communist Party YOHANDRY) in this blog (the elite they ONLY have Internet in Cuba), please read the other part in “Spanish Version”.

  5. Yohandry:

    Sigue escribiendo tus mensajes, disfruto mucho leyéndolos. No sé si te has percatado que este blog está muy bueno para que esas perosnas se entretengan en algo. El bla bla bla es una forma de entretenimiento. Ojalá y no lo quiten nunca, es como unh lugar para desahograse, yo le he puesto EL ESTABLO DE LOS IMPOTENTES.

    Pepe Chávez

  6. Mira que bueno, está esto. Se cansan de criticar, de hablar de democracia y no dejan escribir a Yohandry, cuántos mensajes deben haber bloqueado. Sería bueno hacer varios artículos para varios sitios como Rebelión, Haos, aporrea, Torniquete, Ajustes, Combate y muchos otros.

  7. My English is not very good, if I want to write a little in English. The matter is that I did not stop writing this blog in Spanish. This blog is out of Cuba, and the law introduced after it appeared that I can not publish, so I wonder where is the democracy in this website.

    Simply the truth began to emerge, and this project has a lot of money behind, it appears, and those who do can not allow this.

    Viva Cuba

    Viva Fidel

  8. Y si todos llegan aquí, podrán ver que existen un censor para el español o bloquearon la forma de escribir allí, creo que se llama dirección IP, como explicó Raúl en días anteriores.

    Ni por las VPN puedo publicar, es una muestra de que esto no es libre, de que no quieren entrar en un debate serio sobre Cuba.

    Viva Cuba

    Viva Fidel

  9. Yohandry, es verdad lo que dices, yo estoy en Cuba y no puedo publicar en la parte de español, es una pena que esto pase en este sitio que quiere ser la merca de la supuesta”libertad de prensa”.

  10. “Yohandry, es verdad lo que dices, yo estoy en Cuba y no puedo publicar en la parte de español, es una pena que esto pase en este sitio que quiere ser la merca de la supuesta”libertad de prensa”.

    Carlos sos un ingenuo, si en tu pais no hay libertad de prensa ni para decir pio!

    aqui cualquier publica, vos tenes un problema tecnico alla que con la tecnologia medieval en Cuba no saben resolñver, y tu menos entiendes nada,

    desde Argentina, pais libre


    The wires made the announcement ahead of time. On January 6th we learned of Bush’s trip to the Middle East, just as soon as his very Christian Christmas holiday break was over. He would be going to Muslim territory, lands having a different religion and culture from that of the Europeans, who converted to Christianity, declared war on the infidels, in the 11th century A.D.

    The Christians themselves killed each other, both for religious reasons and national interests. It seemed that everything had been overcome by history. Religious beliefs remained that should be respected, the same as their legends and traditions, whether Christian or otherwise. On this side of the Atlantic, as in many parts of the world, children anxiously awaited every 6th of January, gathering enough hay for the camels bringing the Three Wise Men. I also shared in these hopes during the early years of my life, asking those three fortunate Wise Men for the impossible, with the same wishful thinking that some compatriots expect miracles from our determined and dignified Revolution.

    I am not physically apt to speak directly to the citizens of the municipality where I was nominated for our elections next Sunday. I do what I can: I write. For me, this is a new experience: writing is not the same as speaking. Today, that I have more time to inform myself and to meditate about what I see, I have barely enough time to write.

    One always expects good tidings; bad tidings tend to surprise and demoralize us. Being prepared for the worst is the only way to be prepared for the best.

    It seems unreal to see Bush, the conqueror of other peoples’ raw materials and energy resources, setting out guidelines for the world careless about how many hundreds of thousands or millions of people die or how many clandestine prisons and torture centers must be created to attain his objectives. “Sixty or more corners of the world” must expect pre-emptive attacks. Let us not shut our eyes; Cuba is one of those dark corners. The head of the empire said that in just so many words and I have warned the international community of this on more than one occasion.

    In Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, a few miles from Iran, AP says that “The President of the United States, George W. Bush said Sunday that Iran is threatening the security of the world, and that the United States and Arab allies must join together to confront the danger before it’s too late.

    “Bush has accused the Teheran government of funding terrorists, undermining stability in Lebanon, and sending weapons to the Taliban, the Afghan religious militia. He added that Iran is trying to intimidate its neighbors with alarming rhetoric, defying the United Nations and destabilizing the region as a whole by refusing to be open about its nuclear program.”

    “’Iranian actions threaten the security of nations everywhere’ Bush said. Therefore, the United States is strengthening our long-range commitments to security with our friends in the Persian Gulf and calling on our friends to confront this danger.”

    “Bush spoke at the Emirates Palace Hotel, built at a cost of 3 billion dollars, and where a suite costs 2,450 dollars a night. It is one kilometer from end to end and has a 1.3 kilometer white sand beach. According to Steven Pike, spokesman of the of the US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, every grain of sand on this beach was imported from Algeria.”

    The entire world knows that he wants war against Iran, it is his war. Furthermore, he promises that U.S. troops will remain in Iraq for at least 10 more years.

    What is worse is that the main candidates of the two parties in line to succeed him are incapable of remedying this. Not one of them dares to even slightly contest this imperial practice, which is based on the excuse of fighting terrorism, an evil engendered by the system itself and its colossal and unsustainable consumerism, while striving for the impossible: sustained growth, full employment and no inflation.

    These were not the dreams of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Abraham Lincoln; nor were they the dreams of those great dreamers throughout humanity’s turbulent history.

    Whoever has the time to read and analyze the news coming in on the Internet, cable and in books, can ascertain the contradictions to which the world has been driven.

    In an article run by El País, a widely read Spanish newspaper, the subject of the prices of food and fuel are dealt with. Signed by Paul Kennedy, professor of history and director of International Security Studies at Yale University and one of the country’s most influential intellectuals, the article states that “oil is the greatest element of dependency for the United States in terms of external forces.”

    “By the mid-18th century, Great Britain had the largest shipbuilding industry in the world. Yet, as its yards were launching hundreds if not thousands of sailing ships each year, certain English inventors were creating the magic of the steam engine, which used vast amounts of energy secured in the especially bituminous depots of South Wales. The steam and coal engine carried the British Empire onward for another 150 years.”

    Later on he indicates the point of view that is most interesting for us: the ever-greater interconnection between oil and foods. The reasons are well-known: the enormous energy demands of the large Asian economies and the inability of the wealthiest countries –the United States, Japan and Europe– to reduce their consumption.

    “But global soy bean demand is also spiraling upward, again, chiefly due to the rising consumption in Asia; China’s tens of millions of pigs devour an awful amount of soy bean meal in a year. The soy bean futures prices are 80 percent higher this year (December 2007) than last (2006).”

    “No one can be certain of that, but the continued increases in overall world population, and the surge in real incomes for more than two billion people over the recent past, will surely translate into ever-greater demand for the world’s protein: for more beef, more pork, more chicken, more fish, and thus for more grains to feed them.”

    The Yale professor might as well have added: more eggs and more milk, since their production requires considerable amounts of fodder. But a little later, he alludes to an article published in The Economist, the main newspaper of European finance, describing it as “highly detailed, impressive and very scary”; it is entitled “The End of Cheap Food”. “That magazine began its food-price index way back in 1845. The price index is higher today than in anytime in its entire 162 years.”

    Brazil, which is now self-reliant in fuel and has abundant reserves, will doubtlessly escape this dilemma. Stretching on a plateau at 300 to 900 meters altitude, it is 77 times bigger than Cuba. This sister republic enjoys 3 different climates. Almost every food can be grown there. It is no hit by tropical hurricanes. Together with Argentina, they could save the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico, although they could never guarantee security for them because they are at the mercy of an empire which will not allow that union.

    Writing, as many people know, is an instrument of expression that lacks speed, tone and the intonation of spoken language, and it doesn’t use gestures. It also takes several times our scarce available time. Writing has the advantage that it can been done at any time, day or night, but one doesn’t know who will read it; very few can resist the temptation to improve it, to include what was not said or to cross out what was said; sometimes one has the urge to throw it all in the waste basket since you don’t have the interlocutor there in front of you. All my life I have transmitted ideas about events as I was seeing them, from the darkest ignorance until today when I have more time available and I have the possibility of observing the crimes being committed against our planet and our species.

    To the youngest of our revolutionaries, in particular, I recommend to be extremely demanding with themselves and to observe an iron-clad discipline. They should avoid being ambitious for power, presumptuous or boasters. They should be watchful about bureaucratic methods and mechanisms and avoid succumbing to simple slogans. They should recognize bureaucratic procedure for the worst obstacle they are and use science and computation without falling prey to the excessively technical and unintelligible jargon of the elitist specialists. They should always be hunger for knowledge; and perseverance, and both physical and mental exercises should be part of their lives.

    In this new era in which we live, capitalism is not even a useful instrument. It is like a tree with rotten roots, from whence only the worst forms of individualism, corruption and inequality sprout. Nor should we give away anything to those who could be producing and who don’t produce, or who produce very little. Reward the merits of those who work with their hands or their minds.

    Just as we have universalized higher education, we must also universalize simple physical labor; it helps us to at least carry out a part of the infinite investments demanded by everyone, as if there was an enormous reserve of money and labor force. Be especially wary of those inventing State enterprises with just any excuse and then managing the easy profits as if they had been capitalists all their lives, sowing egoism and privileges.

    Until we become aware of such realities, no effort can be made, as Martí would have said, to “timely prevent” that the empire which he saw surging up, living as he did in its entrails, may destroy the future of humanity.

    We must be dialectic and creative. There is no other possible alternative.

    We are grateful for Bush playing his part as one of the Wise Men, visiting the place where the son on the carpenter Joseph was born, if truly someone knows where the exact spot of that humble crib is, where the Nazarene was born. The leader of the empire bears the gift, this time, of tens of billions of dollars to the Arab countries to buy weapons that come from the industrial-military complex; and at the same time, two dollars for every one supplied to them to arm the state of Israel, where the United Nations agency which tackles the subject assures us that 3.5 million Palestinians have been deprived of their rights or expelled from their territory.

    His obsessive instrument is to threaten the world with nuclear war. Only he is capable of bearing this Epiphany Gift.

    Fidel Castro Ruz

    January 14, 2008.

    7:12 pm.

  12. Utopías cumplidas es un bello artículo escrito por Santiago Alba,
    Novas da Galiza, que deseo compartir como regalo de Reyes con la gente especial que visita GENERACION Y.
    Recibanlo y con afecto:

    Lo más temido ocurre siempre, decía Kafka. Mucho peor: lo más deseado también.

    Había una vez un hombre que anhelaba trabajar menos y el capitalismo lo dejó en paro.

    Había una vez un hombre que soñaba con viajar más y el capitalismo lo metió en una patera.

    Había una vez una mujer que buscaba amor y el capitalismo la arrojó a la prostitución.

    Había una vez una mujer que deseaba una máquina de coser y el capitalismo la encadenó a una maquila.

    Había una vez un niño que deseaba que su padre no le pegara y el capitalismo lo dejó huérfano.

    Había una vez una niña que no tenía ganas de estudiar matemáticas y el capitalismo bombardeó su escuela.

    Había una vez un hombre y una mujer y un niño y una niña que deseaban vivir felices y libres de preocupaciones y el capitalismo les dio la televisión.

    Había una vez un presidente de los EEUU que tenía en su despacho una lámpara, la frotó con la manga y salió un genio: “Pide tres deseos y te los concederé”. “Nuestro deseo”, respondió el magnate en nombre de su país, “es tener más deseos. Ya nos ocuparemos nosotros de que se cumplan”. Y el genio le cedió todos los sueños, todos los pensamientos buenos, todas las imágenes nobles de la Humanidad para que materializara su destrucción a ras de tierra.

    Hay que tener mucho cuidado con lo que se desea porque puede venir Monsanto (o Repsol o el Pentágono) y hacerlo realidad. No hay un solo anhelo decente concebido por un hombre bueno o por un pueblo sediento, no hay una sola utopía liberadora excogitada en los últimos 8.000 años que el capitalismo no haya hecho realidad bajo la forma de una maldición. Los mitos de cornucopias, mesas siempre cubiertas de viandas y cofres sin fondo se han visto cumplidos bajo la forma de una abundancia asesina que genera 6000 millones de toneladas de basura al día y mata de hambre todos los años a 10 millones de personas. El sueño de una tecnología liberadora de brazos y multiplicadora de tiempo ha aterrizado en el infierno de las maquiladoras y los talleres flotantes y en las miserias del desempleo. La utopía de una Naturaleza dócil, dúctil, adaptada a las necesidades de los seres humanos se ha volteado de hecho en la disolución de los glaciares, la extinción de miles de especies y el desplazamiento de poblaciones asaltadas por tsunamis y desiertos. Hacia 1820, el socialista utópico Charles Fourier adelantó el diseño de una sociedad idílica en la que los hombres podrían regular el clima, ajustar las estaciones y modificar a capricho la meteorología para poder comer cerezas en enero y producir trigo todo el año. El cambio climático es ahora una realidad amenazadora y no sólo como efecto colateral de una desbocada economía de destrucción generalizada sino como una premeditada acción de guerra. Desde 1992, el programa HAARP del ministerio de Defensa de los EEUU investiga en Alaska el desarrollo de “armas climáticas” capaces de generar lluvias, niebla y tormentas y de modificar el clima exterior con el propósito –dice Michel Chossudovsky- “de desestabilizar economías, ecosistemas y la agricultura”, así como de “devastar los mercados financieros y comerciales y aumentar la dependencia alimentaria”. La gran utopía mística de un retorno humano a la Naturaleza se invierte y se realiza en esta definitiva disolución de la Naturaleza –al contrario- en las mallas de la tecnología humana. El cambio climático, subsidiario o premeditado, constituye la última vuelta de tuerca de una economía que, basada en la erosión material de todas las diferencias (guerra/paz, destrucción/producción, comer/usar/mirar), acaba de derribar la última de ellas: la que separa la muerte natural de la muerte provocada. Una vez enteramente derrotada la Naturaleza, ¿se puede seguir hablando de “muertes naturales”? Pero si ninguna muerte es ya “natural”, si no podemos distinguir ya las que lo son de las que no lo son, ¿no es precisamente porque el capitalismo se ha vuelto más natural que la Naturaleza misma?

    Tenemos que tener cuidado, en cualquier caso, con lo que deseamos. Había una vez un hombre llamado Mohamed Farag que viajó a una boda en Jordania y fue detenido, torturado y entregado en secreto a la CIA. Durante 19 meses desapareció en un desagüe oscuro sin acusación ni proceso; encadenado a la pared de una celda, con la luz encendida noche y día, aturdido por la estridencia de una música continua, intentó suicidarse dos veces e incluso eso le impidieron. Durante ese tiempo no vio más que a sus verdugos y no salió sino para ser interrogado; y tanta era su desesperación, tanta era su soledad, tan horrible su sensación de estar muerto y enterrado en una tumba como expresa esta frase casi poética en su elocuencia negra: “Cada vez que veía una mosca en mi celda me llenaba de alegría”.

    Que no se entere, por favor, la CIA. O puede ocurrir que los centenares –o miles- de desaparecidos en cárceles secretas vean cumplido este deseo y tengan que expiar su inocencia en una celda invadida por una plaga de mosca

  13. Hi there Cuba
    I am one happy person to have found your site some time ago and read it whenever you manage to go online. Proud of you.
    Nightowl, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  14. To all those reading this blog in English:

    Those comments posted by the sorry ass alias “yohandris” and accomplices are false, nobody has banned their comments, they are all posted on the Spanish blog, they just come here to cry their lies in order to discredit this space. They are members of the comunist party or G2 which have been assigned this job.

    Thank you very much

  15. No creo que podamos discutir por aquí sobre Cuba, es mejor por el español, pero te comprendo Yohandry, yo tampoco puedo publicar desde aquí.



    Of all the presidents of the United States, and those who aspire to that office, I only met one who, for ethical-religious reasons, was not an accomplice to the brutal terrorism against Cuba: James Carter. That assumes, of course, another President who forbade that United States officials should be used to assassinate Cuban leaders. That was the case of Gerald Ford who replaced Nixon after the Watergate scandal. Given his irregular manner of ascending to the office, one might characterize him as a symbolic President.

    It is to the illustrious President Eisenhower, not in the least opposed to anti-Cuban terrorism but rather its initiator, that we owe thanks for at least providing a definition of the industrial-military complex which today, with its insatiable and incurable voracity, makes up the motor that is driving the human species to its current crisis. More than three billion years have gone by since planet Earth saw the first forms of life springing up.

    One day, Che [Guevara] and I went to play golf. He had been a caddie once to earn some money in his spare time; I, on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing about this expensive sport. The United States government had already decreed the suspension and the redistribution of Cuba’s sugar quota, after the Revolution had passed the Agrarian Reform Law. The golf game was a photo opportunity. The real purpose was to make fun of Eisenhower.

    In the United States, you can have a minimum of votes and still become President. That is what happened to Bush. Having a majority of electoral votes and losing the Presidency is what happened to Gore. For that reason, the State of Florida is the prize everyone aspires to, because of the presidential votes it provides. In the case of Bush, an electoral fraud was also needed; for this, the first Cuban emigrants, who were the Batista supporters and the bourgeois, were best masters.

    Clinton is not excluded from all of this, neither is the Democratic Party’s candidate. The Helms-Burton Act was passed with his support, with a ready-made excuse: the downing of Brothers to the Rescue planes, those which on more than one occasion had flown over the city of Havana and which had violated Cuban territory dozens of times. The order to fend off flights over the Capital had been given to the Cuban Air Force just weeks earlier.

    I must tell you that, close to that episode, Congressman Bill Richardson had arrived on a visit to Cuba on January 19, 1996. As usual, he brought with him petitions asking that several counter-revolutionaries be released from prison. We explained to him that we were by now tired of receiving such petitions, and I talked to him about what was happening with the Brothers to the Rescue flights. I also talked to him about the unfulfilled promises regarding the blockade. Richardson returned a few days later, on the 10th of February, and very earnestly told me, to the best of my recollection, the following: “That will not be happening again; the President has ordered those flights to be suspended”.

    In those days, I believed that orders issued by the President of the United States would be carried out. The planes were brought down on February 24, some days after the reply. The New Yorker Magazine supplies details about that meeting with Richardson.

    Apparently, Clinton gave the order to suspend those flights, but nobody paid any attention to it. It was an election year, and he took advantage of that excuse to invite the Foundation leaders over and to sign that criminal Act, with the approval of all.

    Following the migratory crisis of 1994, we learned that Carter wanted to do something to find a solution. Clinton didn’t accept it and he called Salinas de Gortari, the President of Mexico. Cuba had been the last nation to recognize his electoral victory. He had contacted him on his inauguration as the new President of Mexico.

    Salinas informed me by phone of Clinton’s decision to find a satisfactory solution, and in turn he was asked for his cooperation in this effort. That was how an agreement was reached in principle. That agreement with Clinton included the idea of putting an end to the economic blockade. The only witness we could count on was Salinas. Clinton had thus left out Carter. Cuba was not able to decide who the mediator would be. Salinas relates this episode accurately. Anyone with an interest can read about it in his books.

    Clinton was really kind when we informally crossed paths at a UN meeting attended by many heads of state. Moreover, he was friendly, as well as intelligent, in demanding adherence to the law in the case of the kidnapped boy, when he was rescued by special federal agents sent from Washington.

    The candidates are now immersed in the Florida adventure: Hillary, the Clinton successor; Obama, the popular African American candidate and several of the other 16 who, up until the present, have proposed their candidacy in both parties, with the exception of Republican Congressman Ronald Ernest Paul and the former Democratic Senator from Alaska, Maurice Robert Gravel, and the other three Democrats Dennis Kucinich, Christopher Dodd and Bill Richardson.

    I don’t know what Carter said during his race to the White House. Whatever his position was, I was right when I guessed that his election could avoid a holocaust for the people of Panama, and that is just what I said to Torrijos. He established the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba and promoted an agreement about jurisdictional maritime limits. The circumstances surrounding his term prevented him from taking things any further and, in my opinion he embarked on several imperial adventures.

    Today, talk is about the seemingly invincible ticket that might be created with Hillary for President and Obama for Vice President. Both of them feel the sacred duty of demanding “a democratic government in Cuba”. They are not making politics: they are playing a game of cards on a Sunday afternoon.

    The media declares that this would be essential, unless Gore decides to run. I don’t think he will do so; better than anyone, he knows about the kind of catastrophe that awaits humanity if it continues along its current course. When he was a candidate, he of course committed the error of yearning for “a democratic Cuba”.

    Enough of tales and nostalgia. This is written simply to increase the conscience of the Cuban people.

    Fidel Castro Ruz

    August 27, 2007.

    4:56 p.m.

  17. Wow, muchas cosas paso desde escribi aqui la ultima vez.

    Quiero que sepan algo aqui. Se que el gobierno de cuba es muy feo. Se que hay muchos juegos que esta jugando mucha gente. Lee ariba y puedes ver. Palabras, palabras, como mil palabras de no se que. Bueno, a mi no me importa. Solamente me interesa en lo que escriba la escritura (?). Me preocupo por la gente de Cuba. No soy tan politica, pero quiero que la gente vive libre como yo.

    Entonces, juege los juegos. A mi, no me importa ni me interesa. Ademas, si hay espias o seguridad aqui (Ministerio del Interior?), por que tienen que escribir tonterias? Por que no cieren el sitio? No se, te pregunto. gracias! Cuando el gobierno aqui me haga enojado, siempre me gusta decirles groserias o otro mal dicho. 😉 Que triste que no pueden decirlo igual alla.

    Que vive una Cuba libre!

    Long live New Orleans, Louisiana!

  18. Hey, Jose, soy libre, que tu crees, man? Huh? ha ha, mucha risa con tus tonterias, eh? No se preocupan porque no leo libros politicos (como el tuyo), ni lo que dicen los politicos tampoco.

    Suerte a la senora aqui! 🙂

  19. Hello, everybody,

    You are reading the brand new English version of this blog.

    I must provide some information regarding the story behind the Spanish version of this blog, which has been running for some time.

    This blog is intended to be a place for dialogue about Cuba. Regrettably, in the past, it was kidnapped by Castro supporters who used to post very long copies of articles from Granma and other publications from the Cuban Communist Party.

    That is why it was decided to block messages coming from certain IP`s.

    In addition, apparently the Cuban government blocked the access of this blog from Cuba. This produced the false impression that posts coming from Communist leaning persons were censured.

  20. Hello everyone

    I believe that messages are being blocked by the government. I also believe that some cuban agent is monitoring this message right now. Yes, you cuban agent. You are reading this and enjoying the use of the internet that is denied to millions of cubans. You agent, should take advantage of that opportunity and read the reality of the rest of the world and reprogram your brain. Yes, you agent, let your cuban brothers share their opinions and release their frustration. You’re trying to stop the unstoppable, wake up, wake up, wake up. Bueno, yo sigo mi camino LIBRE. Hey agent. Don’t take it personally. LOL.

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