With a cyclone hangover and about the “Gorki case”

I’m already used to it that from my fourteenth floor any little wind seems like a category five hurricane.  Today I got up and noticed that the neighborhood remains in the same place, the Plaza of the Revolution is as vertical is it was yesterday, and the only thing missing are some trees in the immediate area.  I don’t have electricity yet, but at least I have a good excuse for not burning my eyes out in front of the screen.

I put an entry from Claudia [see below: “From paranoia to a scream”], the other person who held the poster with Gorki’s name at the concert at the Anti-Imperialist Grandstand, and a brief chronology prepared by me – of five pages – about what happened between Thursday, the 28th and Friday the 29th of August.  I regret not being able to be as brief as usual, the situation deserves a record of the details.

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