Your portion of fear


The fear has reached you by contagion, because in truth you never suffered an interrogation, nor looked over the walls; you were never the victim of a purge nor did they throw an egg at your face.  Maybe they never even called to tell you about it.  Your sense of unease came to you from what you hear, by transference, through others who have reason for intimidation.

One day you packed your bags and crossed to the other side of the Atlantic, packing also the piece of fear that you wear.  Your children were born far from this Island, but still you serve them their corresponding tablespoon of apprehension.  They may not be able to speak Spanish, they may not be able to find the country where their father came from on a map, but they know how to find fear.  The devastating epidemic of fear that is not cured has come to them.


  1. el miedo ==yo creo es cuando uno vive en un paice que oprime a hasta la forma de pensar=====hasta uno mismo se pregunta que me pasara por esto que e dicho para mi eso es miedo=======cuando alguien te vijila i no sabes por que eso es miedo=====cuando hablamo i para todo lado miramo aver quien te escucha eso es miedo====hasta tu yoani por trabajo sientes miedo======el miedo tanbien nos impira hacer cosa buena hay desafiamos el miedo i eso es lo que tu hacer i por eso te felicito=

  2. Yoani, A ti y a todos que apollaron a Gorki publicamente, se merecen toda la admiracion y respeto de todos amantes de la libertad. Ojala que en Cuba hubiensen muchos mas Gorkis, Yoanis, Claudias. etc.

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