Back to normal

The accounting of the disaster is over and our news programs seem to have entered a rosy period where there is only room for reports of recovery and optimism. Neither regret nor doubt have a place among so many calls to confidence.  The opinions and faces shown on TV are carefully selected; they only show those who have something hopeful to say.  The phrase “back to normal” is repeated by Party general secretaries, by drivers of trucks loaded with roofing and even by the victims themselves.  They try to erase at all costs the “now” to return to the “before” of the two hurricanes.

The truth is that I do not believe that a month ago we had anything resembling “normal.”  Furthermore, in the three decades that I have under my belt I do not think I have lived in anything other than what is anomalous.  To those who trumpet the word, I would like to ask them if they believe the Special Period* is “normal,” the fear of the zero option,* the endless speeches, the Battle of Ideas, the rallies of repudiation, my friends arming a raft to take to the sea, the “it exists but it doesn’t touch you, or it touches you but it doesn’t exist,” the perennial lines, the promises of change that is not specified, the idle land, the idea of the public square where dissent is treason, speaking in a whisper, the paranoia that everyone could be part of the Apparatus,* travel restrictions, the privileges of a few, the dual currency, the indoctrination in schools, lack of expectations, billboards with slogans that nobody believes and the hope, the expectation, the dreams that sometime everything will arrive at a point close to “normal.”

Translator’s notes:

Special Period:  The period following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of its support for Cuba.

Zero Option: A contingency plan from the post-Soviet period that envisioned Cuba surviving “alone” in the world, with its economy cut off from almost all other countries.

Apparatus: State security.

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  1. I feel for you, however I think you have to realize the circumstances leading up to the present. The fall of the Soviet Union was devastating to Cuba. Put one only has to look at the growth of Communist China (and to some extent Viet Nam) to wonder why Cuba was left to wither on the vine.

    It all goes back to the gusanos in Miami. They have bought and sold the Washington politicians and want a death hold put on Cuba and its people. The Miami mafia wants to rape and plunder the virgin lands of Cuba. Once they take over the country the women will become their whores and the men their drug pushers, just like in Miami.

    The gusanos will be selling the people of Cuba ‘snake oil’ and if they take it they will become oppressed slaves.

  2. This girl put things right in context, no dout, she should have more awards than any of the morons with military uniforms, definetly more guts and instint, than the parrots repeating the comunist propaganda. It was not normal either with the massive Soviet Union aid. Che is dead get over it.

  3. Che “mya$$” Kerouac
    just for you information, those “gusanos” in Miami are today maintaining the cuban goverment, i completely disagree about any person in the united states sending any moeny to cuba, but at least, you should kneel and THANK those “gusanos” cause if not, you will be eating GRASS.
    i still wonder how useless idiots like you are allowed to breath…

  4. Wow. I find these comments hard to read.

    You know Yoani lives in Havana and was born in Cuba, right?

    I read everything from Granma to the Commission for a Free Cuba and as you all know, there is a lot of propaganda out there.

    Yoani Sanchez is the real thing. No propaganda and I am happy to say that I wish her the best with her blog and hope that she can live a “normal” life someday on her own terms.

  5. It’s been 3 years since Katrina hit New Orleans. We aren’t completely back to normal yet and everyone knows it. I have met a few people who don’t want to talk about this, but 98% of the city will be quick to tell you that we are still recovering. Then we had to deal with Gustav. We had minimal impact from Gustav and so we probably did recover from that. Then came Ike and some of our surrounding communities were devestated by the surge. This is true for communities due south of New Orleans even though the storm actually hit in Galveston, Tx. Recovery is a real pain in the ass and takes a long time. It’ll be years before Galveston recovers from Ike, which undoubtedly means it will be years before Cuba recovers from both Ike and Gustav. Suerte!

  6. To Che Kerouac, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. The Castros made a specific decision not to follow in the footsteps of the People’s Republic of China and even Vietnam. The PRC made a distinct decision to turn their communist economy into a market-style economy while retaining a communist social system. As long as you adhere to their social system, you are free to make as much money as you want. Of course the tax burden runs about 85% or so. That’s really the only vestige of communism left in the economy. Cuba’s system more closely parallels what you might find in North Korea, although I strongly suspect that Cuba would be considered a fairly free country compared to the repression of the DPRK.

    Anyway, dogma and idealogy is a real b*tch. It blinds people in their thinking and ability to analyze things. Apparently, you are one of those people. If you like Cuba so much under the Castros, why not just move there?

  7. Tengo que irme para jamaica y pagar una camioneta 5 pesos de mi salario y en
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    Bueno creo que hay que tener un tiempo y no se como para hacer negocios que
    todos en el país donde yo vivo que es cuba es ilegal

    ¿Y así dicen muchos extranjeros que en cuba se vive bien?

    A veces quisiera estar en otro país para poder luchar para mi familia, pero no
    me autorizan como los extranjeros que viajan al país de su conveniencia.

    Now that was a humble monthly budget that a Cuban friend was discussing with me. It is heartbreaking to track what is so little having to go so far. What do you think of that????? Makes one feel uncomfortable heading into an Australian supermarket!!!

  8. I must introduce the last response and say that this is a part of an email outlining the stuggle a young ordinary Cuban person with a job in the health industry has trying to manage a dismal monthly budget which leaves him nowhere.It would be the same for everyone there in Cuba which is cold comfort.

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