I recover from a cold humming a tune by the Habanero singer-songwriter Erick Sánchez that he dedicated to me at his last concert and that today I want to share with you.  It’s a catchy tune about those who only know how to wait, with their arms crossed, white others do something.  The song has already been around for a while but Erick added a final improvisation about these times of supposed reforms and expectations.With this video, filmed by me in the small theater at the Museum of Fine Arts, I want to add a multimedia component to this blog for the first time.  We have only had to “wait” seventeen months to post some music, so it hasn’t been too…  This Saturday I went back to Pinar del Rio and in the next post will include some images and anecdotes about what I saw over there.

Meanwhile, here are the lyrics of the improvisation by Erick Sánchez:

In Spanish:

Esperar, esperar, esperar
A sin permiso viajar afuera
Esperar, esperar, esperar
Que pongan una sola moneda
Esperar, esperar, esperar
Y que lo hagan sin que te duela
Esperar, esperar, esperar
Y sin tanta preguntadera

In English:

Wait, wait, wait
For freedom to travel abroad
Wait, wait, wait
For a single currency
Wait, wait, wait
And that they do it without causing you pain
Wait, wait, wait
And without so many questions

I dedicate this song to Adolfo Fernandez Saenz, who ended his hunger strike last week, in the Canaleta prison.  With your determination and the help of many who supported your complaint, you succeeded in getting the prison guards to return your books.

Adolfo, brother, this song is for you and hopefully you will not have to wait much longer.

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  1. I want to write this without exposing any subjective opinion. Just facts. I live in ex communist country ( ex Yugoslavia ) and I think we can speak objectivly. One thing I am sure is that people from USA don’t know shit what they are talking about.
    Now we live in fundamental capitalism ( so called totally free market ). Half of population ( older ones! ) is now remembirng past times with nostalgia. Before they were slaves of ideology and state now they are slaves of capital and money. Before they have to keep their mouth shut now they can shout whatever they want. Before they had free medical care, free education, cheap lodgings. Now they can buy whatever they want if they have money. Before they listened to politicians who were giving them sights of bright future and society of equal rights, which was bullshit. Now they are listening to totally corrupt politicians who are giving them one hundred arguments of beautiful life as part of democratic world, which is bullshit.
    So what is the truth? What is just state and just society today? Individual freedom is eventually the MOST important but is it enough?
    The people of Cuba will decide at the end.

  2. The Cuban People are very brave to make their opinions known–there are no FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights in Cuba that can keep people out of labor camps or prisons.

    John Bibb

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