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If I’m absent for several days from cyberspace, don’t worry.  Right now, I’m mounting a Blog service for people from inside Cuba who want to write their own posts.  Let’s see the nut cases who want to participate… so far I have about seven people convinced…

The subjects will be varied: culture, society and personal rants like the ones I do. The comments: open and democratic, even for those who send their insults.  The objectives: plurality, exercise of opinion and the therapy of saying what one thinks.  Sounds good, right?


  1. Fidel sigues como siempre. Quien te puede creer?
    Y ya estas de boguero! Felicidades!

  2. Tartufo
    Estamos siguiendo tus comentarios con mucho interes, piensa muy bien antes de escribir porque alla no lo hacias
    Saludos para AD
    Pancho L burro

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