My limitations


Friends, despite some recommendations, I’d rather keep the discussions generated by these posts inside “Generation Y.”  I appreciate those who created the discussion forum in Yahoo! to ease the excessive amount of comments in this Blog but, as it happens, my access to the Internet is so complex that it would help me a lot to have the opinions consolidated on this site and not dispersed among a bunch of pages that I won’t be able to read.

Because of the insistent proposals for help, which are always welcome, I’ll activate a Pay Pal button on the site, but it won’t be ready until the end of January.  You already know, mine is the Internet in slow motion…

I can’t respond frequently to this or that question, as my time in the Net is barely enough to download the recommendations that have been left for me. That is why I don’t intend to play judge and referee in the comments.

Anyway, I’d like to repeat a phrase from Diego, the main character in the film Strawberry and Chocolate: “Be good, and if you’re going to be bad, wait for me…”


  1. Yoani you got yourself a deal 🙂 I will make my comments here and only here if I have an opinion on this site

  2. Hi Yoani,

    I love your blog. Never give up. We Canadians are with you for sure. A lot of Canadians bring stuff to the hotels to give to the workers. I think it supports a 2 tier system in Cuba and shouldnt happen. I started bringing stuff to the church to give to people that really need it. What is your opinion?

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