I abstain


Today, Monday, September 10th, it is scheduled that in our zone we meet for the election of the candidates of the district. The citation came yesterday as a paper put under my door and in the hallway a banner printed in color tells me “Assist.” It happens, however, that all of this brings me only boredom. Not a single spring inside of me gets enthusiastic in thinking who will be the representative or if he or she will reach the National Assembly. Not even this very year, when many things are being speculated and the most naive see in this election process the start of the changes.

The apathy doesn’t make me, like many, assist passively, but rather to withdraw. I’d like to save the slogans, the accompanying flag, the raised hands and the false impression of being the main character of something. The source of my disbelief is simple:

It happens that I have never heard anyone saying something like, “Now when the parliament meets, you’ll see, the problems will be solved.”


  1. Well Yoani hopefully sooner than later the circumstances of your government will give you more of a reason to vote. In other words you will have a Parliament, not a rubber stamp

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