You too, Carlos?

We spent Tuesday between the phone ringing and friends coming over to tell us that Carlos Otero, the best known presenter on Cuban TV, had asked for asylum in the United States. This has been the news that has circulated the fastest by word of mouth in the last few months, maybe because it concerns… Continue reading You too, Carlos?

Under construction

Friends, as you will realize, I have just changed some things in the Blog. Among the most important of new functions, is the ability to leave leaving comments. Little by little, I’ll have to remake the archive of previous posts, so I ask you for patience.

Open up!

Here I have posted a picture from last Saturday at the entrance to the Acapulco Cinema, to see the film “The Lives of Others.” I think that it has been the biggest mob I have seen in this festival. Those of us outside were yelling “Open up!” after seeing that they were closing the doors,… Continue reading Open up!

The Venezuelan election

When I went to bed past midnight, I already guessed that the NO option had won in Venezuela. How did I know? Because I’m used to reading, with close attention, the omissions and the silences of the news itself. So the little enthusiasm from the Cuban news media during Sunday, had already given me the… Continue reading The Venezuelan election

The new mathematics

Cubans are preparing ourselves for the inflated number for GDP growth that will be announced at the end of the year. Without having swallowed -yet- the 12.5 that was publicized at the end of 2006, we are hallucinating with the big number they will tell us in December. (If this time we get to the… Continue reading The new mathematics

The other Havana

There’s a city that happens besides us without touching us. It is a Havana that talks of “Parmesan cheese” of “centimeters of turf” and “weekends in Cancun.” It’s another town that barely mixes with ours and looks nothing like the scenario of landslides and deficiencies that forms our environment. Both “Havanas” coexist and at the… Continue reading The other Havana

Kabbalah and politics

It is rumored that starting in January there will be a package of measures that will alleviate some of our daily difficulties. It is even predicted that there will be 17 to 25 new resolutions, amongst which are included the possibility of buying a car, having a cell phone contract or traveling without the current… Continue reading Kabbalah and politics

“Media Slip”

Yesterday night, Monday, the program “Open Dialog” confirmed for me the idea that debate, when is not free and spontaneous, remains a monologue of several voices. It was precisely the absence of controversy that characterized the guests of Loly Estevez, among whom were Alfredo Guevara, Eduardo Heras Leon, Desiderio Navarro, Roberto Fernandez Retamar and Corina… Continue reading “Media Slip”