Kabbalah and politics

It is rumored that starting in January there will be a package of measures that will alleviate some of our daily difficulties. It is even predicted that there will be 17 to 25 new resolutions, amongst which are included the possibility of buying a car, having a cell phone contract or traveling without the current exit permit. Such precise details shown in these on-the-street speculations barely surprise me, since desires get to project themselves frequently, with all of their complexities.

I don’t know if these rumors are part of another “lullaby” to keep us asleep for another three months, or if something is really cooking “upstairs.” Beforehand, I believe that if something is indeed announced in the first days of 2008, it won’t bring the structural changes that we need. The desired economic openings will come conditioned by ideological factors and the state ownership of the means of production will continue to predominate in our economy.

The expected measures could only end all of our problems if they were discussed and approved by the majority of the people. As long as this doesn’t happen we’ll continue being “the mass,” to whom it is necessary to “deliver guidance” without previous consultation. This current rumor, which the press and the media don’t reflect, is the palpable evidence that we are not the ones making the decisions. We are left, only, with the possibility of speculating.

Photo caption: Museum of Wrecks in Alamar


  1. The article about this blog was read by me, and I suspect, millions of Americans in the Wall Street Journal today. It is amazing to me that we sit by and permit totalitarianism so close to our country. There are many here who are not Cuban, but do care.

  2. Millions of Americans read the blog today because of an article in the Wall Street Journal. It is eye-opening and unbelievable that a totalitarian country is allowed to exist less than 100 miles from of country, who fights around the world for personal freedoms.

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