Open up!


Here I have posted a picture from last Saturday at the entrance to the Acapulco Cinema, to see the film “The Lives of Others.” I think that it has been the biggest mob I have seen in this festival. Those of us outside were yelling “Open up!” after seeing that they were closing the doors, in reaction to the stampede that wanted in. I imagine that such a scream was not limited to passing through the entrance of the Acapulco Cinema, but it was a call to “Opening” with capital letters. I yelled it, also, thinking about the dams, the limits and the borders that have to yield and let us through.

Open up! We yelled outside the cinema and one hour later we could hear the character in the film saying, “The wall has fallen.” “Open up!” we said with faces against the glass, while we were pushed back. “Open up!” we continued thinking, even when we were already in the comfy chairs, the lights about to go off. “Open up!” They were the words that I kept from that night, and I repeated them the next morning.

So, the movie, renamed here “Our Lives,” allowed us to yell openly, right in the middle of 26th Street, a verb that concentrates all of our desires: “Open up!”

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  1. What a great movie that was. I bought it right away and I love both the acting as well as the theme itself. It must have been interesting to see it in Cuba.

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