The Venezuelan election


When I went to bed past midnight, I already guessed that the NO option had won in Venezuela. How did I know? Because I’m used to reading, with close attention, the omissions and the silences of the news itself. So the little enthusiasm from the Cuban news media during Sunday, had already given me the results of the referendum in Venezuela

At six thirty in the morning today, the Cuban television program “Buenos Dias,” gave a first news the message of the Minister of Health on the Day of the Medical Professionals. Shortly after, and obviating the journalism paradigms of, “What, How and When,” they announced in the second headline that Chavez encouraged people to continue deepening Socialism. Ufff… The exercise took me a few seconds until finally I understood that the option of NO had won.

Even I, who have never taken part in a referendum and in most elections increase the number of the abstentions, understand the reach of the decision taken by the Venezuelan electorate. With their negative answer the Cubans have learned. it’s a shame we can’t apply it, that a simple monosyllabic word can be the full stop that authoritarians deserve. A brief word can stop the verbal incontinence of the politicians.

Today I’ll go out and try to insert in each phrase a “no.” I can already imagine the deluge of understanding winks that will accompany each negation.


  1. Non credo sia possibile immaginare un futuro di relazioni strutturali con
    il regime venezuelano.Bisogna che Cuba crei cooperative private nell’industria,nel commercio e nell’edilizia,la concessione in usufrutto delle
    terre ai contadini,la piena e totale libertà nella compravendita dei beni e le
    licenze per i professionisti e infine in difesa del socialismo, il rafforzamento
    del potere popolare e la diffusione e conoscenza dei 15 punti prima di sottoporli in un referendum all’approvazione del popolo(cittadino) sovrano.

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