This blog, public square, cockfight pit, exorcism and personal nightmare for the boys of the Cybernetics Response Brigade, is nominated for two prestigious awards.  Right now, Generation Y is listed as a finalist for the Bobs Awards granted by Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.  We are proposed (notice that we use the plural because this blog is no longer just for myself but belongs to those who regularly comment, to the trolls and to the occasional visitors) in the category of Best Latin American Blog, Best Blog Worldwide, and the special prize for “Reporters Without Borders.”

Also, in the 20Blogs Awards contest, organized by the Spanish news site 20 Minutes, we might win something.  At the end of the post are the links where you can vote.  So, if you show the same passion you show commenting here, you are going to end up crashing the voting sites… (Now, now Response Brigade boys, stay calm).  The first prize we have already won:  the blog continues to live in the face of the blockade on the public servers in Cuba.  Even if I can’t see it, I continue writing and neither the complications of Internet connections nor the other “impediments” are going to stop it.

Abstentions are accepted*:

20Blogs Prizes:

Bobs Prizes:

For English speaking readers you can vote here:

Generacion Y appears in:  Best Weblog, Reporters Without Borders, and Best Weblog Spanish.  You can vote in all three categories.

Translator’s note:

“Abstentions accepted” is a (joking) reference to how “elections” are run in Cuba.


  1. ¡Enhorabuena Yoani!
    ¡Cuente en mí para votar por usted tan a menudo como sea posible!!!!

  2. Yoani well be the winner… Her blog is something Special…..Fabian Pacheco Casanova…

  3. If anyone can figure out how to vote on 20 Minutes please tell the rest of us. I know you have to register (see top right hand corner of site), but even after I registered and logged in again with the special link sent to my email account, I still could not figure out how to vote.

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