Parliament comes from “parleying”

Since a couple of days ago, there is a new parliament.  Note that I don’t say “we have,” but that the form I use is impersonal, remote and alien.   These 614 deputies that have ensured their seats in the National Assembly will have, during the next five years, the boring task of assenting, unanimously, to each proposed law.  The exercise of raising the hand, signaling conformity, will take a good part of the time in the sessions.  Meanwhile, the choke hold imposed by the “Constitutional Modification” of 2002, will remind them that “socialism is irrevocable.”

To see them so disciplined, so correct, and strangely quiet in their chairs, leaves me with the rare impression of a “parliament” that does not “parley.”  Rather it seems like a group of spectators, incredibly uniform.  I don’t remember a single discussion, a single argument born from the monotonous meetings in the Convention Palace.  Nobody with the veins swollen, not one MP saying, “No, I can’t accept it.” Nor has a session been postponed due to the impossibility of getting to  agreement.  It seems suspicious that, in a country where it is difficult to dialog and come to an agreement, there could be more than 500 people in consensus.

You already know that I am obsessed with words and their meanings (the mania of a philologist), so I propose not to continue to call this a “parliament.”  Let’s call it what it really is: an inflated group of “listeners,” a select, respectful and obedient “auditorium.”


  1. So in other words they’re yes men and simply that. Yes there is a new Parliament but I am sure they will know the tricks of the trade

  2. Roman Republic: the Senate is 100 people,
    Roman Empire: the Senate is 300 people.
    Italian Republic: 315 Senators and 630 Deputies
    Diminishin democracy is accompained by augmenting Parliaments!

  3. It amazes me that in the 21st century there are still people living under Communism. I’m afraid that America is heading down the Communist road with all of our welfare and social entitlement programs. Hopefully John McCain will become President because Clinton and Obama are basically socialists

  4. Hi Yoani,
    I like your Blog and applaud what you are doing.

    We have a number of Liberal Democrats that want to change the USA from a Republic to Socialism. The only difference between Socialism and Communism is a matter of degree.

    I’d like to reprint some of your articles in our two blogs.
    If you approve you will receive credit and links back to you site and the article.

    Keep up the good work!

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